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A new Zwirner Gallery With An All-Black staff lead by Ebony L.Haynes

David Zwirner has hired gallerist Ebony L. Haynes, who has worked as a director at Martos Gallery in New York, to run a new space in Manhattan. According to the New York Times, Haynes intends to employ an all-Black staff at the gallery, which will open next year. The programming, name, and location are still in the works - “I plan to program and curate exhibitions in line with my curatorial practice, interests, and what I think is important, with strong and thought-provoking art practices from artists you may be very familiar with, and some you may have never heard of,” says Haynes. “Most of the program will be solo presentations, though I do love a good group show.”

Elliott Jerome Brown Jr., via David Zwirner

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