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Introducing AMAZON PRIM

We spoke to Italo-Brazilian Dj Amazon Prim, make sure to also listen to her mixtape What's Your Dj name? Amazon Prim

When did you start djing and what inspired you to do it? 

I was 19, I just got my first computer and in the beginning was pure curiosity. At some point it grew from something I did in my bedroom to becoming kind of a ritual. I would mix a bit everyday and slowly it became a way to communicate— a cathartic method. It wasn’t until 2018 when I left my bedroom to play out for the first time. I guess what really inspired me was seeing how the artists like me from the diaspora were able to synthesise and translate every piece of their beings, all their different identities whatever they were into just one piece of art, possibly not even on purpose. That really resonated with me because I’m curious about finding more places and situations where it can all coexist.

Who are your biggest music influences?

Bonaventure, Pininga, Lyzza, Moesha13, Tayhana, Lechuga Zafiro, Kelman Duran, JLZ, Lee Gamble

How do you think the music industry developed in the past 10 years for artists of color?

I can’t talk for all but in my perspective it’s a double-edged sword. Maybe also as collateral effect of colonialism, I noticed that black culture is more appreciated and accepted at the mainstream level, although it still comes off as exotic and capitalistic at times. The positive side is that more people are aware of the social political context they live in, and try to organize into collectives that somehow fight against the injustices and discrimination. Not long ago I had a discussion with this guy and he was basically saying that there wasn’t a place for white techno DJs like him anymore because now everyone is so hyped about women, POC and minorities. For a second it made me angry because this guy is clearly just so selfish, but then I thought maybe it’s a good thing that we’re finally being able to re-appropriate those spaces that have being denied to us. I think the challenge is larger than focusing on an individualistic career because we need to strengthen the collaborative sphere in a way to push the others and the whole scene, to give back to the community.

How are you spending your time during this quarantine?

Mostly having introspective moments, trying to stay informed and not get to overwhelmed with anxiety. Sometimes without being aware of our stress levels we create the conditions for an illness to develop. I’ve been enjoying basic things like cooking, eating and cleaning. I’ve also been working more with Live and of course, mixing.

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