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Boule Goes Boing releases New Single "Cherry Sprite"

If you are familiar with Rarepeace, you probably already know about the amazing Boule Goes Boing. Composer and pop musician Judy Jackson it’s one of our favorite artist of the year.

Boule Goes Boing remind us of a female Beck. Her avant-garde electronic music mixed with pop elements is everything you need to listen if you’re looking for something new and innovative to add to your daily playlist.

Today we are honored to bring you her brand new single Cherry Sprite, a refreshing track for a hot summer day. Aqueous synths and smooth vocals depict the perfect beach scene: watermelon, sunglasses, and a red swimsuit. Boule's first release since her debut album in February, "Cherry Sprite" is a available on all streaming platforms.

The visualizer for the song features a 3d-modeled 'Boule' cherry Sprite can created by the artist.

Cherry Sprite cover made by Judy Jackson “I wrote the song on the first nice weekend of the summer: I wanted to make a song you could just kick back and relax to. The track is produced, recorded, and mixed/mastered by me.

Cherry Sprite was a limited-edition flavor of Sprite released in collaboration w/ Lebron James in 2014 and 2015 and it was super bomb--if I could pick any beverage to drink at the beach it would be that.” - Boule Goes Boing

Listen to the single on all platforms and watch the visuals below:

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