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BOULE GOES BOING Is The Female Music Producer You Should Know

Judy Jackson aka BOULE GOES BOING just released her new eclectic music video for the track "BOULE " extract from her brand new album Superball

Judy Jackson aka BOULE GOES BOING is a composer and pop musician originally from Minneapolis. She moved to Brooklyn after graduating college in 2018. When she was offered a job opportunity in the city, she immediately knew that New York was a great place for both classical and non-classical music.

Judy originally came here with the intention of making avant-garde electronic music and have just recently started adding pop elements to her work.

Today we are going to introduce you to her new eclectic and unique music video for the track “BOULE”, extracted by her brand new album Superball and animated by her boyfriend and visual artist Bradley Boboc.

We spoke to BOULE GOES BOING about her artistic path and we hope it will inspire the younger generation of female music producers. What was the main inspiration behind your album Superball?

Superball is the debut project of my pop alter-ego Boule Goes Boing. I started the project in October of 2020 (when winter quarantine was starting to hit) and I wanted to make music that was really fun, something you could just bop around the house to. There was so much tension and fear in the world at that time, so I wanted to contribute something people could derive some joy from.

I made the beats for the album first, and each track seemed like its own little world that wanted to tell a story. When I went to write the lyrics for the songs, all these fantastical narratives came out and I just went with it.

What is your favorite instrument to play so far?

Definitely the synthesizer. I started my musical journey as a pianist and the synth is like a super souped-up piano: you can change all these sonic parameters and make it super responsive to your playing. You also still get the joy of performing a keyboard instrument out of the experience.

Growing up, who were your main inspirations in terms of art and music?

I’m obsessed with Beethoven, he’s always been one of my favorite composers. I grew up listening to and playing a lot of classical piano music, so that’s had a big impact on my style. Role model-wise, I looked up to Pharmakon and Zaytoven a lot. I’m also a lifelong Ramones fan.

Your previous music video for the track “Space Jousting” is very unique, artistic and a trip to the unexpected. Are these some characteristics that describe all of your visuals, present and future?

Definitely--my music has always been kind of “out there” and I like having visuals that match that level. Both that video and the video for “Boule” were created by people who I care about a lot, and whose artistic vision I trust. I’m planning on continuing working with the same sort of people, and I think that will continue to yield interesting and awesome results.

How would you describe your new video?

Serious naughtiness. The video follows the adventures of Boule the Dog, and he gets into a lot of trouble--he rolls in dead frogs, pees on neighbors’ lawns, drives a car. My favorite part is when he plays in a punk band where the bassist is DeeDee Ramone with a dog’s head (dubbed “DeeDee Dogmone”). I think the video does a really good job of capturing the spirit of the song. My boyfriend, Bradley Boboc, animated the video, so it’s also special because of that.

Extract from BOULE GOES BOING Music Video

Are there any artists that you’ve always dreamed of collaborating with?

I would give my left leg to be able to make beats with Chief Keef. I love his production style so much and I think we could make some sick songs together.

The world of music production is mainly dominated by males and we definitely need more women like you in the industry. What would you say to all the young girls out there dreaming of becoming producers?

Keep at it! Everyone's a critic and likes to tell you how they think you should sound and what kind of music you should write, but when it comes down to it there’s no single way to make music as a woman. If you like the music you’re making, don’t listen to some dude telling you need to make x type of music to be taken seriously. And remember to have fun creating, because that’s the thing that will get you through when the work gets tough. You can totally do it! Enjoy the video and make sure to support BOULE GOES BOING music on Bandcamp .

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