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Introducing Buebos, a Brand New Icon on The Rise From Italy

Where were you born and raised? I was born in Bergamo, Italy.  I’m 21. Half Brazilian, half Puertorican but I was adopted by an Italian couple two months after I was born.

Photo by @federicoearth When did you start making music? I’ve always been in love with music, since a little kid. I danced for years, and still dancing, plus I studied a bit of guitar when I was 12.  Six years later I started getting into recording, going to different studios and creating my own sound. I will be releasing some new music soon...  Who are your biggest inspirations? This is a tough one!  I grew up to Sammy Davis Jr. being one of my favorite 360° artists, Prince and off course M.J. too.  Then it was Andre 3000, Pharrell and Chris Brown.. Right now it would’ve be too hard to tell.  You always show some peculiar styles in your visuals, is fashion a big part of your artistry? I’m really passionate about what comes with fashion. Details, feelings and different ways of expression.  It’s a huge part of my whole way of living life and experiences.  What is like to be a gender fluid artist and a minority in Italy? In Italy it’s not easy being yourself.  Whatever that might mean for a person.  I’m personally not afraid to express myself in both art and life, but you feel pressure every time you’re trying to go for something new.  Do you think the Italian music industry is finally ready to welcome more diversity? I think it is as well as it’s not.  You got a lot of different vibes on the Italian music map right now, but the majority of the people in Italy it’s still too attached to pop and commercial culture so that they don’t really pay attention to tons of beautiful projects that are being made all over the country. 

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