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DELTATRON - Sounds From Peru

Where are you from?

Im from Lima, Peru. Born in Paris but came here when I was 2 years old and grow up in Lima all my life.

When did you start producing/djing and why?

I start when I was 15, my stepdad that was a academic musician who hate popular music but even when he was a musicalfascist, he was kind enough to show me about electronic music, producing software like cakewalk, acid, fruity loops. I start going to clubs around those times and then learning to mix in a Denon DN 1800.

How would you visually describe the music you play?

Just latin urban shit. Latin culture is pretty wide so there’s a lot of rhythms to play from different cultures and places that hit hard in the club.

Lima's hybrid ñu-cumbia and tropical bass sounds are greatly proliferating in the past few years, influencing a lot of genres worldwide. As a pioneer in the scene, and also as the founder of Terror Negro Records, what type of direct insight of that musical reality would you like to share and give voice to?

When I play in the states to latino crowds, I feel super happy and rewarded. Latinos are different than club culture because they love to sing and dance at the same time, so I love playing filtering the music so I can hear them sing. Lot of the songs are remixes of old an new songs so is cool to hear them sing over songs that they’re parents used to love, is like a special connection because I feel a part of something much bigger.

Who are your current favorite music artists:

Turbo Sonidero, Tribilin Sound, Sueuga Kamau, Tomasa Del Real and the Neo Perreo Crew, Ratcheton, Gio Chamba, Santos Guzman. Theres a bunch of cool latin shit coming up.

What is your morning go-to track?

Don Carlos - Mr Sun Listen to Deltatron Mix here

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