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Dive Into "HO HA" The New Music Video Of LAHASNA

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a unique toll on many music artists but Italo-Moroccan singer LAHASNA never seems to back down. A unique force of nature and an inspiration for all women, especially for Italian women of color rooted in Africa.

Photo by LAHASNA

LAHASNA just dropped a new music video for her upbeat single “HO HA”. An exclusive and unexpected track not included in her groundbreaking music album “Il Nuovo R’n’b Italiano” entirely produced by the incredible Swiss music producer Salam Carther.

As Robbie Snow, SVP of Global Marketing for Hollywood Records says “Traditionally artists would go a long time between album projects, disappear and then come back as a big event” and adds “In this day and age, we try to keep things flowing so artists almost never go away. Fans want to be engaged constantly with artists that they like ” (source, RS).

Keeping multiple singles in the market at once also allows artists to vet a variety of tracks and gauge listener response which most likely will lead to a success story.

We talked to LAHASNA about the process behind this music video, her avant-garde and experimental album “Il Nuovo R’n’B Italiano” , the constant creative drive that fills her soul and much more. Nice to talk to you again LAHASNA! Tell us about the idea behind your new music video “HO HA” : With "HO HA" , as all my songs when I record them, I let my subconscious self talking to me and letting my voice bouncing to the music productions of Salam Carther , when we decide to shoot the music video, me , Salam Carther and Sebastian Tauxe really went by feeling and we literally improvise all the music video , picking the location spot the very same day.

Photo by Adriana Tedeschi All of your tracks are produced by the extraordinary Swiss producer Salam Carther and you guys seem to have the most amazing fluidity. Tell us about the secret behind this magical union and the importance of finding the right music producers as a singer:

Choosing the right team to make music as a profession is hard sometimes but is not impossible. It's hard when , at the beginning , you don't know yet what you want to do and who you are but I strongly believe, for my experience, that for work and make music with someone we need to be open and trust our love for music enough to experiment and meet different people , and also making mistake it is helpful to understand music craft 360 before getting into music industry.

It is important to feed music with love , compassion , discipline, study and upgrade (!) and I'm grateful to work with Salam Carther as he is really multi-talented and he sees and feels music in an innovative genius way and I really respect his music.

Photo by Federico Trivella

Your most recent album “IL NUOVO RNB ITALIANO” is definitely a bold yet true statement. In fact, you were able to create a futuristic R&b album in the italian language, living in a country that never really had a long-lived relationship with the genre. What are some of the factors that made you understand that this was the right time to bring back R&b into the conversation?

Well, I came to the conclusion, when moving from London back to Milan, that in Italy something was missing in the music industry , culturally speaking , sound-wise, mood-wise and estetic-wise, something was not accessible for those that really approach music in a really passionate way and beyond the melody and strategic decisions. I felt that i had to do something, and with my team we knew that was the right moment to break the ice with "IL NUOVO RNB ITALIANO" .

I know it will take time , as an independent artist, but I firmly know that people want to be represented and feel free by listening and getting lost in the music.

Which track from your new album IL NUOVO RNB ITALIANO are you looking forward to performing live?

Well i think that I'll try to perform much songs that I can from2 IL NUOVO RNB ITALIANO" in differents LIVE occasions , but what I personally like to make people listen with soul and heart is "Chi sei" or "Lasciami da sola" . Watch "HO HA" ( Salam Carther) Music Video and find LAHASNA music on Spotify.

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