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Introducing GALTIER

Where are you from? I am currently based in Bristol, United Kingdom but was originally born and raised on the East Coast of Australia in a small town called Jan Juc, which is South of Melbourne. 

When did you start djing and why? My interest in Djing all started in High School when I was 16; I had just been exposed to electronic music and had taken quite a shine to it. I remember when I listened to Erick Morillo 'I Got The Pills' and it blew my mind - I had no idea what the reference was though! I knew this guy on the bus I used to catch home from school who was a DJ and I asked him for some advice, so he burnt a copy of Virtual DJ onto a CD for me and I started to mess about with that. Eventually I reached a point where I could play my first show, which I was playing as a duo called Twoface at the time, and once I had played to a crowd I knew that Djing was something I wanted to take further. 

Who are your current favorite music artists? Cuyo - His sound design and attention to detail is like no one else I've heard. All of his productions are so nuanced hardly a single bar of his tracks sound the same as the one before. I love that careful precision that he puts into his music; it really shows how much love and passion goes into what he does, which stems into all of the humanitarian endeavours he involves himself into.

Amazondotcom - What a unique producer Amazondotcom is, really pushing the boundaries of what can be done with club music. So many elements and qualities from so many genres all combined into one style that is so vivid and recognisable. Was really honoured to work eith her and Siete Catorce on a joint EP last year and super excited to see what comes next from that realm of club oriented electronic music.

The release of your next EP Luuos is coming up soon, June 28, and you recently shared the first single Phainesthai. I was wondering if you could give us some insights on the making of Luuos and what kind of "sci-fi" musical correlation there is with the concept of Phenomenon behind this first single? Perhaps we could reword this question as the EP will now be out? I like the Sci Fi questioning and have alot I can say about it! 

What is your morning go-to track? Khruangbin - Friday Morning - such a funky, wholesome track that feels like a ray of sunshine every day. Always brightens up my day and gets me going. 

Listen to Galtier Mixtape here

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