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From Japan to New York, Introducing Haruka

Where are you from? Originally from Japan

When did you start Djing?  I started DJing when I was 16 years old in the late '90s. Who are your biggest music influences? My friends Tell us about your music project Haruka Salt: Haruka Salt is one of my projects of three. I go with Haruka as my main project, playing whatever I want to such as Electro, and Techno, and House, pretty much anything makes me move, and Haruka with 夜露四苦, I play ravy hard techno with my partner Yuri, and as Haruka Salt, I mainly focus on House and Disco music. Since I play various genres of music, I wanted to separate by different names to avoid confusion.

Photography by Jenni Hensler Due to this pandemic, a big number of parties are now taking place on Zoom. How do you think the world of clubbing will shift when this pandemic will be over? Honestly... I have no idea! Definitely DJing on zoom(streaming) and DJing for crowds at the dance floor are totally different things. They are both happening in LIVE but the vibes and connections aren't really there on streaming. I enjoy the energy exchange and frequency on the dance floor a lot. It will be so weird for me to DJ on streaming without it. I probably won't enjoy it as much as I enjoy DJing for the dance floor... How are you spending your time during this quarantine?

I have been very chill and healthier than ever. I eat well, go to sleep before the sun comes up, and wake up in AM unlikely my former DJ life.

Sometimes, it's hard to be creative and productive with frustration and fear and worries but when I discover good music and artists, it still inspires me and motivates me to create. Good thing I have the internet. Digging music is limitless. I look at this time as resting my life. I decided to take advantage of this time to be healthy and do things I couldn't because of lack of time such as spending time to re-think what important is for me most and how I want to live in this new life. The life I lived before Covid19 won't come back soon.. I'm slowly adjusting my self to this new life. Listen to Haruka Mixtape here

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