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Where are you from? Born and raised Jackson Heights, Queens, currently residing in Crown Heights When did you start djing and why? I picked it up as a hobby in college from a class I took at Scratch Academy, but it wasn't til years later that I had access to equipment on my own did I pick it up again as a form of therapy for some trauma I was dealing with at the time.

As a Dj, sometimes people might forget that the music you play at your set is not necessarily the "only" thing you listen to on your own. What is your morning go-to track? Definitely Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club What inspires you and drives you to create? Mother Nature is my biggest influence, close second being the desire to explore my roots.  What do you think is lacking in nowadays music industry, and what positive progress have been made lately? The music industry is just a reflection of the capitalist cis-hetero patriarchy.  I'm here for the underground scenes where queer folx of color are at the forefront, which is not that common in the mainstream music industry.  Listen to Aguapanelamami Mix here

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