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Meet Dj and Interdisciplinary Artist KHIARI BAKAR

PHOTO BY @350px When did you start Djing? 

I started Djing in high school but picked it back up last year.  

Who are your biggest music influences?

Travis, Kanye, and “Because the Internet” Childish. I admire artists who are able to transcend experiences beyond their music. 

How do you think the music industry developed in the past 10 years for artists of color?

We’ve always pioneered the music industry, but the internet and streaming services have definitely changed the musical landscape in terms of accessibility. There’s so much music out there now — we’re telling our stories and creating new sounds without the influence of industry suits. 

How would you describe the sound of your sets?

I try to make my sets versatile, spinning anything from Kerri Chandler to Cookie Kawaii.  I work on building energy within the sets to take the crowd on a journey. It’s fun making little worlds for people to vibe in.  

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