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LaHasna Released Her New Mesmerizing Music Video "BANCOMATBOY"

Born and raised in Italy and originally from Morocco, Lahasna was always familiar with music but it's only by the age of 13 that she started taking it to a more professional and academic level. We're taking you to her journey in view of her latest single release "Bancomatboy".

Throughout her long journey in music, she released numerous singles and music videos, but the one that represents her the most it's the single "Chiamami" , an hymn to her simplicity and complicity, released in 2019 and put together by her most trusted music producer Salam Carther.

Despite this year 2020 being a very hard time for musicians and independent artists, Lahasna was able to release some new materials to her audience, with innovative tracks such as "10 Ore" and "Orione",  always produced by Salam Carther and accompanied by colorful and hypnotizing music videos.

Some of the characteristics we certainly love about LaHasna music are her delicate, soothing voice similar to a mystical chanting, and the ability to mix modern western sounds and vibrations to North West African instruments. She is in fact able to incorporate instruments such as the gimbri (a plucked lute with three strings also known as the sintir or hajhuj) , the nai (an old rim-blown flute found in some Chaabi ensembles dating back at least five millennia in the Arab world and that can be made from reed, metal, or wood), and the oud (a five-stringed plucked instrument used in music throughout the Middle East; the western cousin of the oud is the lute), creating an atmosphere that will easily transport you to her Moroccan origins.

October 2020 marks the debut of her new single “Bancomatboy” which she describes as “The story of a man who wants to love and to reach the heart of a woman not knowing how to use other means but money to enchant her and win her heart. On the other hand we have this woman tired of men who use money and excess just to get to her. Finally, I would say that “Bancomatboy” describes different shades between the relationship of man and woman and it is for the listener to pick up the message and make it their own” .

Watch the brand new video for Bancomatboy below:

CREDITS: A film by: Giacomo Marchetti & Mattia Ramberti Creative Producer: Martina Abbado Editor & Color: Giacomo Marchetti & Mattia Ramberti Live sound: Francesco Stufano Hair & Styling LaHasna: LaHasna MUA LaHasna: Serena Congiu Assistant Producer: Cecilia Pastorino CAST (scene order) Bancomat boy: Davide Fortunati Drag Queen: La Trape, Prepuzia Stroppia Food Truck boy: Tommy Kuti Dancers: Buebos, Melat, Morena, Veronica Dragonetti Skaters: Cheazy, Frandi, Omar, Lil Rach, Vale Drunks: Gaia Stanghellini, Giulia Lineette Robber & Robbed: Alexa, Reok Mask boy: Nacho Tranquilo Angry girl: SuppaPepe Homeless: Rambo Drunk boy: Giozzu Dog: Olivia Dream girl: LaHasna Car driver: Salam Carther

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