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Liniya Lanvin Is The 3D Digital Artist Representing Black Vixens

Get to know Liniya Lanvin aka "7th Girl", the black digital artist taking over the internet.

Art by Liniya Lanvin Growing up in the 90s during the rise of digital design in video games, anime and music videos, it was always hard to see black women being represented in a virtual reality.

Somehow I just ended up accepting the idea that 3-D design was something made exclusively for the white crowd.

Still, whenever I found myself playing video games I’d choose characters of color like Eddy, Julia and Michelle from Tekken, but overall I’d just be satisfied with any female character.

It is thanks to games such as Sims and Second Life that more characteristics and configurations were added to 3D avatars and it was able for black and brown people to create a character in their image.

It may seem absurd for some people, but we will never get tired of acknowledge the extreme importance of representation in any current medium.

Thanks to black female artists like Liniya Lanvin, young black girls around the world have the chance to finally see and imagine themselves in a virtual reality.

Visuals by Liniya Lanvin

Liniya is a 3D Digital Artist originally from Massachusetts, who spent a great deal of her life in South Carolina.

Her works is mostly focused on representing the ballroom scene and the art of Voguing. She was recently featured on Vogue Brazil, British Vogue, Reykjavik Grapevine and collaborated with numerous artists who commissioned her 3D works to enhance their own arts and visuals.

Rarepeace had the chance to talk to Liniya aka 7th Girl about her path and future vision, and we really hope to see more artists like her taking over the world of 3D art, virtual reality and gaming.

Art by Liniya Lanvin When did you start creating digital art and what inspired you to do it?

I started to create digital art in 2014 I made my first vogue video on YouTube. What inspired me was the many years of playing sims and imvu I knew when I came to the second life platform I would want to do exactly what I am doing currently.

How would you like to describe your art? The way I would describe my art is rare, some people who are also rare connect to my art in a unique way which most have never felt before.

Visuals by Liniya Lanvin Music seems to be a big part of your work, who are your biggest music inspirations? Yes music is what fuels my art and my life, my biggest music inspirations girls like Vayda, Biskhit, UNIQU3, and everyone at likethatrecs. I could name people for days tbh I just really love anything that’s real and has emotional connection.

We love the fact that you always represent black bodies in your artwork, tell us about what it means to you: I always represent black on any platform I use because that’s what I am and what I relate to. I think it’s amazing that I am fully able to show my culture and others alike what it’s like to be black in a virtual space.

Art by Liniya Lanvin

With which artists have you collaborated so far? (Djs, musicians etc) At this point in my art path I have had the pleasure to collaborate with a lot of amazing people such as UNIIQU3, Ase Manual,Kitty Ca$h,Lazowi,Countess Malaise,Trannilish,Ms Boogie,Wavy Fox,Kyeoshin ,Miss Madeline if I forgot to mention anyone I do apologize.

Where do you see your art heading in the next couple of years?

I see myself bringing this art skill together with a team and really making more historical black digital art that’s full of life culture and love.

Visuals by Liniya Lanvin

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