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Introducing ATELLER , Tel-Aviv Producer based in New York

Where are you from? Tel aviv - Israel

You are a music producer, drummer, dj and vocalist, but if you had to choose, which one of these would be your “first love”? 

That would definitely be the drums, which i started playing as a little kid and just never stopped hah. Rhythm and beats is the source of everything for me.

What inspires you and drives you to create?

3. Creating is the most therapeutic experience i know. That feeling when you've been so deep into a song for hours and you forget to eat and answer phones and forget that anything else exists... that's why i create.

What do you think is lacking in nowadays music industry, and what positive progresses have been made lately?

Woo i can write a whole essay about that. I think that there is an imbalance in our society today - like, greed is just exploding compared to other aspects of our being. And i think it's heavily reflected in pop music. It became like an advertisement to capitalism, porn culture and prescription drugs... fuck that. It's just boring and lacks honesty and personality in most cases... so that's what's lacking - honesty and personality. 

The positive progress for me is definitely the 'laptop revolution' - i think it's simply incredible that everyone with a laptop can make whatever music they want and share it with the world. We are so used to it we often don't see how crazy of a time we live in. 

You’ve been touring a lot in your life, wether for your own projects but also for other artists as a support act or drummer. What is the best memory you have of a show so far? 

5. Three years ago in SXSW i found myself in an Anderson Paak afterparty at his house after a show. When i showed up towards the end there were like 10 people in the living room just hanging, his band and close friends. After some time he comes downstairs wearing nothing but little underwear, obviously in the middle of some sexual activity, said hi to everyone and grabbed something from the kitchen and went back upstairs. There goes my heroooo Listen to ATELLER Mixtape here

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