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MAPALMA - Sounds From Zagreb

Where are you from? Zagreb, Croatia

When did you start djing and why? Started DJ-ing around 2013, but haven’t really had more then a couple of gigs per year for the next 3 years. I started because it excited me to share newly discovered music with other people on the dance floor. Also around that time soundcloud edits of 90s r’n’b were so fun to me and I wanted to hear them in clubs in Zagreb, and I thought why don’t I just do play them?

Who are your favorite music artists? My favourites at the moment are Amazondotcom and Solange

What inspires you and drives you to create? Just the endless possibilities in electronic music. Exploring and learning with each sound I produce, it is just as fun and exciting as playing a video game after a long day of a regular day job, collecting experiences and leveling up. It gives me comfort, joy and meaning.

What do you think is lacking in nowadays music industry, and what positive progress have been made lately?  What is lacking is authenticity, diversity and acceptance if we are referring to mainstream. Positive side is probably that the underground is showing the right way of finding solutions to this problems. Listen to Mapalma Mix here

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