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MATT FINNEGAN - Sounds From Dublin

Where are you from?

I'm Matt Finnegan, I'm a 22 year old music producer and DJ from Dublin, Ireland.

When did you start making music? I began producing when I was around 16 years old, I was obsessed with rap music and really wanted to know how to make beats. My friend introduced me to Ableton and we began making some tracks together. At that time it was purely for fun but as I began to do more alone it became my only real passion. As for djing I only really began about 2 years ago when I was 20. I was asked to DJ at a couple of parties because of my productions but it had never really crossed my mind to begin djing as I was mainly focused on solely producing at this stage. I found that djing would be a good way to gain some recognition (+some cash) and began to give it a go, it has since become something I really look forward to doing and is often crazy to think how I had never even considered it something I would have liked to do. 

Photo Courtesy @raykaymel How would you describe the sounds of your sets? I would describe my sets as hyper.  I very rarely plan my sets and find it very enjoyable to take the set where I feel it should go.  What is your go-to morning track? My go to morning track would probably be Need U by Terekke. It's the first song I play every time I take my dogs out for a walk. 

Who are your biggest music influences? My biggest musical influences are Knxwledge, Prince of Denmark, Martyn, Madlib, Terekke, Walton, Foul Play, and Objekt to name a few. I'm definitely missing a lot here. 

Are you currently working on any project? I'm currently finishing off what will be my first vinyl release, working on 2 other potential EPs. I'm very keen on having more releases so this is my main focus at the moment. I'm also working on creating a live set at the moment which I'm finding very enjoyable but difficult haha.  Listen to Matt Mix here

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