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MURIELLE, The DIY R&B Singer You Need to Know

The world of Independent R&B music has a new rising star. Get to know multi-talented singer Murielle {mu-ree-ELLE}.

Photo by Lottie Abrahams Born in Belgium and originally from Congo, Murielle started cultivating her passion for music at a very young age. She’s inspired by some of the greatest black girls groups and women in R&B and that’s something that she brings along in her music and visuals.

In August 2019, Murielle released her debut single “Felt Cute (Might Delete Later)”, a catchy and powerful hymn dedicated to the phenomenon of reclamation matched by a captivating music video directed by Red Velvet Films and produced by Lottie Abrahams.

Marched 2020 marked the release of her single “Call Me One More Time”, a song written to remind her that vulnerability is a strength and never to see it otherwise. That no matter the outcome, opening your heart is one of life’s greatest blessings.

Murielle recently released “Cancer Moon Child”, a self-written and produced mixtape that represents her deep personal growth and the incredible power of creating art in isolation.

We spoke to Murielle about her music inspirations, being a black independent female artist, the current music industry and much more..

Photo by Lottie Abrahams Where were you born and raised and your origins: I was born in Belgium to Congolese parents. We moved to the states when I was very young where we lived in Minnesota as well as the DMV. I’ve also lived in London and Berlin. When was the moment you realized you wanted to be a full time musician? I think I always knew deep down. I have very clear memories of being four years old watching the Jackson family live at Madison Square Garden on VHS and thinking to myself, I want to do that. Rehearsing Destiny’s Child and the Cheetah Girls on the playground, participating in talent shows. I’ve always known. Who are your biggest inspirations? Beyonce is definitely a huge inspiration of mine as well as Janet Jackson, Rihanna and Solange. There are so many women I feel so blessed to have grown up watching.

Photo by Lottie Abrahams What was the idea behind your music video “SO MUCH!”: The “SO MUCH!” music video was birthed from a feeling of self-sabotage and emotional suppression. What happens when all that is bubbling under you comes to the surface and how juvenile can your expression of that feeling be. I shot it with my two childhood best friends as we ran around my neighborhood and the beach with a camcorder. It’s one of my favorite memories. What would you like to see more in the music industry for black and brown artists? I’d like to see Black art and artists be given more accessibility. All the opportunities and money people are so quick to give other artists, I’d like to see be given to Black artists. There are so many with such great ideas and potential that just need some support, whether it be in the form of money or a mentor.

As a Black independent woman and artist, you must have an incredible strength to do what you’re doing on your own. What was the hardest thing to overcome so far? I think the hardest part so far has been dodging the boxes people have tried to put me in as well as being my own validator. It’s a true test of knowing who you are, what you want and believing you can do it. Watch Murielle - SO MUCH! Music Video:

Watch Murielle - "Call Me One More Time" Music Video

Watch Murielle - "Felt Cute (Might Delete Later)" Music Video:

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