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Nacho Tranquilo : Mexican Party Groover

Nacho Tranquilo is a music producer and Mc based in Milan, Italy. Inspired by his favorite wrestlers, alternative and and rap music, Nacho Tranquilo is able to create a unique atmosphere with his eclectic sound. His latest project “La Onda Antigua” , includes his naturalistic and spiritual vision through the lens of groove and electronic vibes, which is his music bread. The term “Onda”, which means wave, is perfect to visualize my actual mood because all of the tracks he made with ndrskillz are made with no specific order.

Photo courtesy Andrea Barchi When did you start making music? I’ve started at the age of 15 with a guitar. One year later I’ve formed my first band, we made punk rock and crossover rock music. Those years were pure and full of sweat and blood. Then I discovered Hip Hop and electronic music and it was an epiphany for me. Since then i’ve done a lot in music, a lot of stages, a lot of studio and a lot of experiences. How did you came up with the name Nacho Tranquillo? The name came up naturally! Nacho was my own personal gimmick as a wrestler and Tranquilo was one of my recurrent vibes as a rapper, so I’ve mixed them and created this new trip. Who are your biggest music inspirations? Well, i’ don’t know because I was born with so much music around...always. Through years I’ve listened to so many musicians that it's hard to pick just one big inspiration. I just know that music comes to me and then the magic happens.

Photo courtesy Andrea Barchi With which artists you would like to collaborate with in the future? Well, so many artist but I’ll give you one, which is a dream: Gorillaz. What are your thoughts on the current Italian music industry and what do you think could be changed? Well, the Italian music industry in part reflects the cultural problems of the country. A lot of things could be changed. I believe we need to put quality over quantity, increase the research because there's plenty of real artists out there. There's also need for more contamination over replication. In general, we have to stop to reproducing the same things and be more open minded, innovative, more spiritual and less capitalistic. First of all, you know, music is the realest art and touches the soul of all creatures.

Photo courtesy Andrea Barchi Interview by Sarah Von H

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