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Introducing NELS

Where are you from? Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA When did you start djing and why?  About 5 years ago, when I arrived at college I saw people mixing music at house parties. and got the nerve to ask someone to teach me and use their mixing board. 

How would you describe the sound of your sets?  Variable, energized, and inward.  Who are your biggest music influences? Jay Daniel, Gorillaz, & David Bowie (the list goes on…) Talk to us about your current Radio Show on 8Ball Radio: My current show on 8Ball radio is called Mixed Messages. It is a new show that I host and mix music for. With a dance focus so far, this show will continue to evolve into a collaborative platform as 0pen as 8Ball community.  As an artist, have you ever felt some kind of pressure throughout your career - and what do you think is lacking in the music industry nowadays?

Imposter syndrome is real. I frequently like not many people feel me, but the simple fact is I love music and like I said its for me and those who like to dance and...The music industry isn’t paying their artists enough. Spotify makes $$$$$$$$ and they give an artist 0.006 cents for every play they get?! Spotify's greed is not lacking. Listen to NELS Mixtape here

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