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We had the greatest honor to converse with one of the best new artists of the moment Jaida Chanel Roby, known professionally as Pap Chanel.

Born in Milledgeville, Georgia, this rapper, singer, and songwriter has always been passionate about music and standing out from the crowd.

Pap Chanel is inspired by many artists, in particular by Nicki Minaj because her lyrics are able to talk to her “inner queen”. A self proclaimed barb (that’s how Nicki Minaj names her most passionate fans), she started listening to the very first mixtapes and street freestyles of Minaj way before her fame, defining her the absolute representation of who she wants to be in the industry.

Pap Chanel is here to stay, as she dominates the industry as a female rapper and aims to always set herself apart by not talking about the usual. Her catalog is solid and diverse, and her freestyles such as First Day Out and Freestyle gained her a lot of respect in the scene and made her who she is now. In 2020 she released the track “Gucci Bucket Hat” featuring Future and Herion Young.

The same year she released her album “Pretty and Paid” and in December 2021 she decided to surprise her fans with a deluxe version of the same project which she best defines with her 6 alter-ego personalities called “Paponalities”:

PAPIANA - Cocky, bold, confident, outgoing, the ALPHA ego, doesn’t mind being the elephant in the room. If Nicki Minaj ever featured in a song, she would turn into Papiana.

PAPATOUILLE - Always eating, the scientist, appetite never expires, the go-getter, bi-lingual in French and aways switches up her style

PAPI - Inspired by the big boss Nicki Minaj, inspired by the roman era, most relevant, the rule maker, the legislator, THE ACE birthing the new wave

PAPRIKA - Her personal favorite, she’s the instigator, doesn’t mind getting things right, the gambler that stirs the pot

PAPALLION - The Beyoncé to Destiny’s Child, she’s the softest side, the butterfly, healer, the rainbow that doesn’t wear her scars, most relatable, never afraid, monarch and strong

TUPAP - The poet, storyteller, the business lady, intellectual, speaks unapologetically, make others uncomfortable.

What was the moment you realized you wanted to take music to the next level?

Making music has always been a hobby for me, when I was in high-school I used to freestyle. I would find the biggest song popping at the moment, look for the instrumental and make my own version. I remember finding Tree Glizzy - First Day Out remixed it and it gained 3 million views in like a week! I was like hold up, let me figure this out, I might need to be a news anchor and find a bigger platform and talk about what i wanna talk about on these beats. I was fresh out of high-school and had just turned 18 years old. A lot of hardships are the reason why I decided to take this seriously. I was always trying to find myself in this world and music was my way.

Describe your writing process: Do you have any pre-writing ritual?

I love freestyling so I definitely do a lot of that. I don’t really have a specific ritual, I just get inspired by everything I see as I am definitely a very visual person. Anything I see I can talk about, for example this Zoom Call is giving me something to write about later etc..

In which country you absolutely would like to travel to?

I wanna go to Brazil because it seems to be the best place to be, I feel like i was supposed to be born in Brazil!

What was the inspiration behind your name PAP Chanel?

I created “Pretty and Paid” in 6th Grade. I wanted to make something for women to come together, a movement that could change the mindset and build confidence. The next day I went to school and was like “ If you wanna be a Pap-baby, sign this piece of paper and I’ll email you!”. Then I moved to Atlanta and all the Djs were like “Pap Chanel come to the stage1” and it sounded so good so I kept it. On January 19th 2022, Pap Chanel released the brand new single "Bipolar" where she embraces her bipolar instincts.

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