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Q+A with Def Jam Recording Artist Kajo

Currently signed under Def Jam Recordings through Logic's sublabel Bobby Boy Records, Kajo is a Philippine born and Los Angeles based multi-hyphenate artist.

His path in music started at an early age as he began to study classical and jazz piano at only four years old. As time went on, he began to realize what music in the broader sense could offer him. Being strongly inspired by genres such as shoegaze, classic rock, and electronic music upon moving to Los Angeles, he started beat making and creating his own particular sound by adding soft synths, sharp percussions and syrupy vocals that transport the listener to a higher dimension. It is safe to describe Kajo’s music as a unique blend of different genres. February 25th marked the debut of his newest project “Cold Places” . Here is our Q+A with Kajo, and make sure to check his new music available on all streaming platforms. What is the greatest fear you had to overcome to get where you are today?

Is the fear of failing and it’s ok to fail, because the more failures you get out of the way, the closer you are to success. So I had to learn how to overcome that, get over myself and how special I think I am. It’s ok to just make mistakes floundering and hopefully succeed in the process.

What’s the best piece of advice another musician ever gave you?

“Don’t let “great'' get in the way of good enough. Especially if you worked on your craft, the good enough should be enough. It doesn’t always have to be genius.”

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