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Rarepeace's Top 10 Live Acts Of 2022

As we wrap up the year 2022, we want to share with you our favorite live performances of the year have attended numerous live shows this year, but only a few of them managed to steal our hearts. Here are our top 10 live acts, in no particular order. Enjoy! Amyl & The Sniffers

Amyl & The Sniffers is the best band ever coming out of Australia since the start of the decade (in our opinion). Originally formed in Balaclava, Melbourne, the band is composed of Amy Taylor, Bryce Wilson, Dec Martens, and Gus Romer. Their live shows are some of the best acts we've witnessed in the past couple of years. The eclectic energy of singer Amy Taylor radiates all over the stage; she's a punk rock star and an absolutely energetic performer. This wouldn't be possible without the rest of the band, who equally bring all their best at any given time and whose symbiosis and the deep-rooted connection are undeniable. It's funny to think that the band formed with the idea of just playing at backyard parties for friends and small pubs around town, considering the fact that in the past year, they've opened stadiums supporting bands like Foo Fighters. They're simply glorious, and we urge anyone to catch their live shows sooner or later.

Division Of Mind

Division Of Mind is currently the best Hardcore band from Richmond, Virginia, USA. The band has been around since 2016 and released various demos throughout the years but rose to prominence in 2019, following the release of their homonymous album, for which they've been touring incessantly since venues opened back their doors in late 2020 and early 2021. Their live shows will literally (and sometimes figuratively) hit you in the face with heavy breakdowns, powerful guitar riffs, and top-notch growl vocals provided by singer and songwriter Zachary Lee Acosta-Lewis.

The first time we saw DOM live, we didn't even know the band but instantly became fans as they kept playing each song. Their performance was so good.

Division of Mind will be supporting Candy on their upcoming East Coast tour in February 2023, so keep an eye open if you're around the area.


Sunami is a band from San Jose, California, that's taking over the Bay Area.

The message in their lyrics is often loud and clear, a scream against authority and the idea of a superior and controlling regime while also navigating the feelings of betrayal and dishonesty. Songs like "Six," "Contempt Of Cop," and "Weak Die First" will let you know in no time what they're all about.

Sunami brings together a very interesting audience composed of skateboarders and street writers, punks, and new hardcore kids that come together to celebrate their love for hardcore, fast-paced and beatdown-driven music. Their very powerful and high-energy shows are what make Sunami one of the best new discoveries in the Bay Area.

"The goal is still only to have fun, but with a crowd reaction like the ones that we get during our shows, like, during the set, we just smile at each other. We're amazed that people even know our lyrics." vocalist Josef Alfonso says to Kerrang.


GEL is a hardcore band originally from New Jersey. They are undeniably one of the best live acts of the past year. Having performed over 110 shows in 2022 throughout the States and overseas, GEL never fails to bring out an impeccably energetic, fun live show, leaving you wanting more each time. Their merch is pretty cool also. Check out their album "Violent Closure" and the EP "Shock Therapy."


Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, and formed in 2010, Turnstile is one of the greatest bands of the past decade, the ones who made hardcore more accessible and understandable to a broader audience. The band consists of members Brendan Yates, Franz Lyons, Daniel Fang, and Pat McCrory.

If you're not familiar with Turnstile, I urge you just to click the link below and dive into their live performance. If you already knew the band and had the chance to witness their live shows, then I'm sure you'll agree with us when we say that they will quickly leave you speechless and instill a unique and unforgettable memory that you'll most likely cherish forever. You can do everything and be everyone at a Turnstile show as long as you respect the people around you. Expect a lot of dancing, singing, stage diving, and a possible emotional cry during the performance of the track "Alien Love Call." Be yourself, spread love, enjoy the music and be kind to one another.


Buggin is a hardcore band from Chicago formed in 2018. Their sound is a combination of aggressive grooves with playful punk energy. They rip through brutal two-minute jams with relentless, slam-dancing precision while still aiming to keep hardcore fun.

This is definitely made possible as Roberts mentions, "We wanted to form a band that's not a beatdown band because so much of Chicago is beatdown bands."

They rip through brutal two-minute jams with relentless, slam-dancing precision while still aiming to keep hardcore fun.

The young quartet BUGGIN have quickly made a name for themselves, and in early 2021, they joined Flatspot Records ranks with their new two-song release Brainfreeze, while the b-side features a rip-roaring cover of Beastie Boys' "Gratitude."

The combination of the powerful vocals by singer Brianna Bennett, the heavy guitar breakdowns, and the bouncy drums make their live shows a memorable experience.

Check out this powerful performance by BUGGIN' at Audiotree.


There's so much we could say about Zulu as we believe them to be the biggest game changers in the scene and a band who deserves a historical place in music. Originally from Los Angeles, California - Zulu is a hardcore band that was formed in 2018. They have been touring throughout the USA, gaining immense respect and recognition from all over the country while creating a safe space for all the black kids that have been waiting for this for a long time, whilst keeping their message open wide to any demographics and culture.

This is exactly what music is supposed to be; a safe space for everyone to enjoy and come together while sharing positive energy. Zulu never fails to do so.

The band is currently composed of vocalist Anaiah Lei, guitarists Dez Yusuf and Braxton Marcellous, bassist Satchel Brown, and drummer Christine Cadette.

In the year 2020, the band released their latest EP, "My People… Hold On," via Flatspots Records, and it is a five-song-fast project containing strong, empowering, and relatable messages for black folks.

On November 30th, 2022, they released their brand new single Fakin' Tha Funk (You Get Did), and have been touring with the legendary band OFF! for the past couple of months. Zulu knows precisely how to mix original dance moves, heavy breakdowns, essential messages, and hardcore potency by making it a whole different, fun, and often educative experience for the audience.

LustSick Puppy

LustSick Puppy captured by @danc1ng_qu33n and @bigfuckinbug

LustSick Puppy are a musician from Brooklyn raised in the pre-gentrified era of the neighborhood Crown Heights. Being born a black female wasn't always easy for LustSick Puppy who often found themselves leaning to hanging out with boys just because there were "too many rules about being a girl", and they were tired of having to live in fear for their safety. That's, unfortunately, what happens when you're a girl; there's no real sense of freedom when surrounded by constant danger, harassment, and never-ending catcalling.

LustSick Puppy have always been involved with music from a young age, finding inspiration in genres like hip-hop, which motivated them to write rhymes and play with vocals.

In 2019 they started working on their first official project, the groundbreaking 2020 EP "Cosmic Brownie." LustSick Puppy music is an incredible, unique, and particular mix of genres and experiences that often lacks specific preconceived structures. In 2021 they released the eclectic singles "THIRST" and "DUSTBUSTER" followed by the 2022 EP release "AS HARD AS YOU CAN." Dance, electronic, punk, hard techno, electro-industrial, digital hardcore, experimental hip-hop, and much more that can't be put in one bubble or one genre is the best way to describe the amazing artistic qualities of LustSick Puppy, who we believe be one of the most interesting and innovative artists of these times.

Expect to see a lot of clowns painted faces at their concert, non-stop dancing, occasional stage diving accompanied by a generous mosh pit,


It is true California is truly becoming one of the hottest places for hardcore right now. Scowl is the perfect example of this upcoming high-powered musical wave that's taking all over the States. Hardcore is more alive than ever, and it is here to stay. Scowl is a band from San Jose, California, who first came out with the homonymous EP in 2019 and immediately started performing live around the Coast. They were offered to support Limp Bizkit on their recent tour, which was a complete shock for singer Kat Moss who would have never envisioned performing at the Madison Square Garden. In 2021 the band relesead "Bloodhound" a fast paced track accompanied by Kat Moss powerful vocals that will make you stomp from beginning to end. This will be part of their most recent 2021 album release "How Flowers Grow", a 10 track project in which the band was able to experiment and introduce ther favorite genres. Tracks like "Seed To Sow" are an example of this incredible ability to shift sound, speed and even style of vocals. Without even realizing it, Scowl is another important band that's taking punk hardcore to a broader audience, making their live shows a unique experience get-together experience that will leave you wanting for more. .


SPY is a hardcore band from the Bay Area, formed in January 2020 and composed by vocalist Peter, guitarists Drew and Cody, bass player Thomas, and drummer Cole. The band was founded by singer Peter Pawlak who started listening to punk music at an early age, mainly absorbing the political and anti-establishment aspects of it.

"In my mind, the genre is inherently political—it makes sense to me that if you're making angry music, then you're gonna be yelling about something you have genuine rage about." says singer Peter Pawlak.

In 2020 the band released their first EP named "Service Weapon," a fast four-track project mostly written by singer Peter and which marked the band's statement by showing us exactly what they're all about. This was followed by the 2021 powerful EP "Habitual Offender," which contains the meaningful and high-energy track Exceptional American, "an attempt to convey that the concept of American Exceptionalism is absurd, not grounded in any reality, serving only to boost the American ego." Says singer Peter Pawlak.

Another track we love from that project is the 1:44 length "Afraid Of Everything," as the lyrics and energy resonate with much of our current mind and social state.

The band soon embarked on extensive touring throughout the States and Europe, never failing to give you a highly intense and very crowd-involving live experience by becoming one of the most requested bands in the hardcore scene.

In March 2022, amongst all the touring and constant growth, they were able to release an additional EP named Split, which honestly came out at a perfect time and gave the band a chance to test the audience's different reactions while being on the road and have new material to propose to add to their sets.

There's a specific rawness in SPY's music that can easily transport you to an old-school punk era, and it's like listening to a vintage punk album so that you can experience life to this day. The energy this band brings on stage is unprecedented, and we recommend you check them out, as they might play in your town or nearby. Their Instagram is continuously updated with tour dates and announcements, so stay tuned!

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