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Sounds From Paris: Introducing Music Producer FRVR $AD

Léo Gervais aka FRVR $AD is a multi-talented music producer and instrumentalist from Paris, France. FRVR $AD prepared an incredible club Mix for us and we had the chance to discuss his music journey, his brand new record label Hototo Beach and much more.

When did you start making music and what inspired you to do it? 

My dad put me on a piano at the age of 5 and I started my own creations at the age of 8.

My parents really inspired me as my dad was a producer for some artists in the Caribbean and my mom was a singer years ago.

When I was younger I couldn’t really talk and socialize, so composing my own music genuinely made me feel like I was expressing myself.

Being understood didn't really matter at the time, I just needed to get some stuff out.

What message you aim to send with your music?

Well, making music helps me to be myself. It helps me to be true to myself, even into the deepest places of my mind.

I’ve always been struggling to be myself outside my bubble because of our society. 

But what I like as an artist is that most of the people accept art. Even when they don’t understand it.

So I guess my message would be to stay true to ourselves and try to be the best version of ourselves, for us of course but also for the others. 

Talk to us about Hototo Beach:

I created the label Hototo Beach last year for a lot of reasons.. For the little story, it was in my mind since a very long time 

and I finally created it because I could see my little sister struggling to release her music so I wanted to help and show her we can do it ourselves.

Then I started to think bigger, and I’m planning a lot of things for the next few years with musicians, rappers, visual artists and more. 

I’d really love to participate in the creations of events with Hototo Beach and other organizations to keep art more physical and palpable as digital takes a lot of place in our life. Covid-19 is the cherry on top!

To talk more precisely, the label is about to release a bunch of EPs and a mixtape next year, featuring artists from France, Belgium, Africa and hopefully the United States.

Due to Covid-19,  2020 became the most difficult year for independent musicians. What is the current situation in Paris for music producers and Djs?

Yeah, 2020 is being quite difficult for a lot of people and the situation in Paris is quite similar to some other countries in Europe.

From where I stand, it is more noticeable for musicians that make a living with gigs and tours. It’s a huge break artistically and financially.

I advised all the artists around me to take this time to try and create new things though. 

I still think we need to stay positive during this time and take that opportunity to have a better view on what’s going on with us too. 

Asking ourselves what we can improve artistically and personally.

Do you think some positive work has been done in your country to fight racial injustices?

I really hope so. Racial injustices have been too present in my life and I love knowing that the whole world is fighting them.

For my part, I decided to reduce my expectations from the government for a while.

I guess I’m trying to solve things out by myself, at my small level of course. I’m more into the « do it yourself » thing, for almost everything. 

So I keep pushing myself as well as my surrounding to get over this and try to raise our best selves. 

I wouldn’t say that I « fight » this but I’m definitely not letting racial issues bring me down anymore. 

It helps me stay positive with myself and the world I live with. Listen to FRVR $AD Mix for Rarepeace here.

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