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DJ KIF Blessed Us With a Very Interesting Interview

When did you start djing and what inspired you to do it?

Well, I officially bought my controller in 2018, but I’ve been selecting for parties since HS lol

Definitely let shyness/insecurity hold me back from putting myself out there, but working on it (+ trusting that the universe wants us happy). Love music and love selecting, so feel like it only made sense.

Who are your biggest music influences?



Jai Paul

Daft Punk’s Alive 2007

Jill Scott

Little Dragon

Black ppl in general

Sad because I know I’m forgetting people lol

How do you think the music industry developed in the past 10 years for female artists of color?

I think we’re allowed to be more than a monolith, and hate to say “allowed”, but honestly, despite our impact in music globally, we’re usually not the folks producing, booking, or just making decisions about what sounds/artists are supported.

But I loveee the sounds and content I’m hearing now. I don’t think FKA, Chika, Megan would have the wave and support that they have now 10 years ago.

I feel like the love we have for ourselves and one another is changing the energy behind what we’re creating. We’re building off the black femmes that came before us and/or just being inspired by the perseverance, work ethic, innovation, etc, etc.

Definitely could be wrong, but I think its because we were having more open convos on our historical impact on music (from techno to rock), our right to exist, and just fucking be happy. There’s been an emphasis on self-love and learning about ourselves in the past 10 years that I don’t think we’ve seen for a while.

We are seeing way more black femmes and GNC folks making decisions for artists/themselves and just getting the spotlight they deserve, but of course, there’s more work to be done! (honestly wild to me that Missy was only inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame last year after having such an impact on the sound of 90’s + early 2000’s)

I want to see more venues committing to booking us, paying us fairly, and truly committing to providing spaces where we feel safe and supported - no exceptions. I want to see more streaming/music platforms looking into their processes and ensuring that black femmes are in boardrooms making decisions. I’ve given up on labels a while ago, so I have no advice for them loll they’ve done enough

Hope we take care of each other and the earth long enough to see where our sound is in 50 years though <3

Due to this pandemic, a big number of online parties are now taking place on Zoom. How do you think the world of clubbing will shift when this pandemic will be over?

I think people are getting creative out of necessity, and of course the online club isn’t the same :’( but I think it's just forcing us to think of different ways to connect and interact with one another.

And now you can really have a show anywhere ya know? With people around tuning in around the world. I can’t remember exactly how much, but Yeaji played a live stream the other day and definitely had over 10k in the room and that’s amazing.

I’ve also seen people get so creative with shows on Zoom and IG live (especially the queens) so excited to see what else people end up coming up with.

Listen to KIF Mixtape here

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