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The Distillers Got a Fanclub Called The Revenant And it's The Radness We've All Been Waiting for

Yes, it happened. After 15 years of hiatus, most of us were able to see The Distillers live at a concert in the past two years. We cried, we loved, and we screamed our lungs out to tracks from Sick Of It All, Coral Fang and their homonymous first album. For me, seeing them last year at Brooklyn Steel was an absolute first time. I have loved this band ever since I can remember but never had the chance to see them performing. Thanks to their music, I have built lifelong friendships, became a strong radical teenager even if sometimes rebellious and most importantly I've learned not care too much about people's opinion as long as I always had mine. As a black punk teenager it was not always easy to hang around the punk scene growing up, for my own personal fear of not being liked and for the fear that some people projected on me by reminding me that I was not white. This was a small minority though, and I will always be forever grateful to those amazing punk women who are still my friends to this day and always made sure I was comfortable wherever we'd go and never made me feel like I was "different".

With all the things happening in the world this year, I was very happy to see that one of my favorite bands took a stand and spoke about the racial injustices happening here in America but overall in our society. Things are getting so bad lately that it's hard for a black woman like me who's completely in love with Punk and Metal music, to avoid the fact that some of the artists I grew up listening to might not care about the lives of people that look like me (and trust me, there's plenty, but that's a conversation for another article). If you don't know The Distillers, I recommend you to listen to their albums, become a fan and get into their The Revenant brand new and official fan community - "We've been hard at work creating a home base for fans to check out all kinds of cool new stuff. We're taking never-before-seen photos with personal commentary from the us, art and tattoo galleries, a forum where you can chat with other fans, exclusive merch, ticket pre-sale access, and more. There's even chances to win giveaways (yep-some signed by us!). You know what to do". Click to join The Revenant .

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