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Top 10 Songs For 10 Of Your Every Moods (Ep.6)

Welcome to the sixth episode of the "Top 10 Songs For 10 Of Your Every Moods" series.

Rarepeace is happy to Introduce you to a thoroughly researched music selection for every different moods and feelings, in hope to keep you company during these very uncertain times we live in.

Wherever you are in the world right now, know that you are loved and beautiful in every shape and form.

Nia Archives captured by Maceo Sesame Jack Frost Enjoy your week and remember, music will never leave your side! Turn on your speakers and get ready to dive into the 5th week of this series!

If you feel misunderstood:

Yuna - Live Your Life

If you're feeling invincible:

Hatebreed - Straight To Your Face

If you just met that special someone:

Baby rose - Borderliine

If you're feeling joyful:

Roska - Lose Ya Mind ft. Aleisha Lee

If you need help overcoming a complicated time in your life:

Metric - Help I’m Alive

If you’re feeling lustful:

N.E.R.D -The Way She Dances

If you’re nostalgic:

Allah-Las - Catamaran

If you feel like traveling:

BLO - Chant To Mother Earth

If you’re smoking a joint:

Nia Archive - Sober Feels

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