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TS KAHUNA - From Italy to Denmark

Where are you from?

I come from Alba, a small wine city in between Turin and Genova, Italy. I have lived a bit here and there in Northern Italy and moved to Copenhagen to be closer to my favorite cities, Berlin, Amsterdam and London.

What inspired you to DJ?

I started going to punk and rock concerts/ parties very early, around 15 years old, and I always dreamt to be on the other side of the booth. I think it was attention seeking back then. 

However I started djing pretty late, when I was around 20 years old, after a super nice summer in London, where I was completely blown by the underground electronic scene of the city. The energy at some parties was unbelieveable, completely different from mainstream clubs I was used to in Italy. However Digging is the aspect that really drives me since I started djing: I am always on the hunt for underplayed music which moves me and shakes my soul, which is a real struggle and require a lot of time nowadays. 

Who are your biggest music influences?

Oh no, I suck at name game. I have far too many, thats why all my sets differ from each-other: I love to blend tempos, genres and moods. I’ll give it a try: for what concerns big names DJs, DJ Styngray for the technique (absolute monster), Objekt for the style and selection, Textasy (very recent influence) for the crazy energy. I also like a lot some  female artists like Shyboi, Katatonic Silentio, Bearcat, Upsammy, Ariel Zetina... Genres wise: Electro, UK bass, IDM and Techno. 

Scenes wise: Amsterdam and the netheands in general (!!!), Milano, Berlin and New York. 

I love some Dutch, UK, New York and Berlin labels and artists more than others. 

What do you think is lacking in the Italian Music Industry?

I think I am too young and fresh in the field for my answer to be taken seriously. 

From my point of view, Italy has always had a weird attitude when it comes to recreational music experiences and specifically clubbing. It mirrors a widespread societal tendency towards antagonisms among complementary realities (e.g. the neighbor who scratches your car because your dog barks when you’re not home): it’s very hard for people to trust other people and in general the scene is a bit scattered compared to for example Amsterdam or Copenhagen. People don’t help each other.

However the scene is thriving more than ever, it’s super diverse and there are some projects that deserve far more international attention than they are currently getting. 

I think the rise of these diy projects and itinerant parties, together with the decentralization of the club figure has had a huge positive impact in giving fresh air to various scenes, also not from the usual big cities such as Milan or Rome or Naples. In italy as abroad, today more and more various electronic music is widely accessible by more people thanks to these projects, and it’s moving from a subcultural and often demonized phenomenon to the cultural domain. I don’t know how good this is, but is happening fast, and its exciting.

What are some of your favorite clubs?

I have a terrible memory and I live of impressions, but this year I had memorable experiences with Phillip Jondo at Lente Kabinet under pouring water, Upsammy also at Lente (when she goes into Liquid D&B she’s incredible), Kuldaboli live in Copenhagen, Vladimir Ivkovic at Terraforma festival.... In my life, Ben Ufo and Pearson Sound (I think, maybe it was someone else from Hessle Audio) in Panorama Bar, Objekt in Milan. .. that’s enough.  Listen to TS KAHUNA Mix here

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