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Where are you from? Queens NYC When did you start djing and why? I always liked grabbing the aux at parties since i was a teenager growing up in NYC. About 6 years ago I ran into a toyish controller on clearance for $20 the day i was hosting a cookout. I pirated Virtual DJ that same day and played for everyone realizing how quickly it could bring community together. DJing led me to finding my body, finally releasing the fear of dancing. I hope that juggling beats liber8s others the same way.  Who are your favorite music artists? My friends that I’ve played one or many times, whether its b2b or the first guitar jam I had at a store after a high school day. Lately heres some friends and some classics ive been peepin: Wesley Willis, Bruja Luna, Turbo Sonidero, HBIC, Quay Dash, La Pajarita Paul, Ganksta NIP, Demphra, Wiso G, Petrona Martinez, Combo Chimbita, Quay Dash, Bbymutha, Tego Calderon, all subway buskers What inspires you and drives you to create? While its a way to share the echoes I’ve inherited from the occupied territory dubbed Colombia, my ancestry, I always hope that my practice dissolves senses of nationality and any form of authoritarian identity. I think any form of social dance creates a level of solidarity through intimacy. So much that it historically it has intimidated fascist governments and client states all over the world to persecute and kill symbols of countless popular equity movements. I hope to cultivate, nurture, and protect my little corner of community through music and connect with others like us. What do you think is lacking in nowadays music industry, and what positive progress have been made lately? At its worst, the music industry enables gentrification through the practices of artwashing and fetishism of folk(’s) music . At its best.. Cardi B is allowed to bless us with her art.

Its definitely still a nepotism game with several stages of gatekeepers, we know the drill. Listen to V4poru Mixtape here

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