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WANTON WITCH - Club Sounds From Thailand

When did you start djing and why? I started djing properly probably around 3 & a half years ago which is around late 2016. How did you came up with your Dj name? I was actually known as 'C.untagious' before what i goes by now, 'wanton witch' came out of no where from my friend joyce and it just stuck with me since, then i rebranded myself as 'wanton witch' in 2018. ( Wanton; as in the noun 'a sexually unrestrained woman' , not wonton as the food BUT I am chinese myself at the same time so its kinda like a wordplay.

How would you describe the sound of your sets? I am fairly emotional in general, everybody know that. so everything i do is based on my mood & emotional. I do a lot of cross-genre from deconstruted club to industrial techno and everything in between. I try to express how i feel at the moment everytime i played, sometimes i can cry to my own set, sometimes it can be political and sometimes its just straight up comedic. Tell us more about your project Nonnonnon: NON NON NON is a queer underground collective dedicated to creating an inclusive and judgement-free safe space of self-expressing through our creative platform for undeground music lovers of all persuasions. No gimmicks, judgement-free and promotes loves. Thailand and in particular Bangkok has always been seen as a very open place toward the LGBQT community with that having a big media presence, economic importance, political impact and social standing . What is your personal opinion about this and is it the same when it comes to the music scene? That's what the outside world think about Bangkok, but to be honest it's not really like that. As much as i don't want it to be but In fact sometimes can be pretty stereotypical and I personally experience discrimination first hand quite often as a trans ( but doesn't fall into the stereotypical box of what the super local trans are like ), and that is my day to day life. As for the club scene, it's also not progressive as people think it is or it should be, Yes there's more different things that some people started tryna do but honestly its still pretty behind here in bangkok & mainly because majority of the people aren't as open to new things as i experience in other city in Asia. Also collectives here aren't as supportive of each other as i'd like to be, that's what i wanna do, to come together and push the scene forward as a whole and do something progressive yet genuine and honest instead of trendsetting & gimmicks.   What are your favorite venues to Dj in Bangkok? 'Saferoom' is where i like to play at these days & also 'De commune'

Listen to Wanton Witch Mixtape here

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